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Sunday, January 30, 2011

On an online comics forum, I recently answered someone's question about what I'm doing. I figured I'd repost the answer here, with some extra detail:

"As far as possible artists on the Shade go, I would love to see JH Williams III or Gene Ha make a return visit but that seems highly unlikely. What is Gene Ha doing nowadays btw?"

The IDW Back Roads project with Bill Willingham fell apart. Willingham stopped writing scripts for it, so IDW is stuck after getting an issue's worth of art, 24 pages of pencils inks and color all by me. There's no point in publishing it unless we can get the whole story, which was supposed to run 132 pages. It's been almost a year since I've seen a new script page.

I've been doing covers for DC lately, and I think my digital painting has been improving. A few months back I did a Mouse Guard story with writer Lowell Francis. I'm working on short stories for Vertigo's House of Mystery and IDW's Rocketeer miniseries now. I'll be doing a few issues of an iconic DC character this summer, DC should announce details soon. And finally, after all that, I've been working on something with James Robinson.

Way back in 2008-9, I did a Top 10 Season 2 series with writer Zander Cannon. I'd only promised to do 4 issues of a planned 8 issue season, and hoped another artist could finish the story. But DC doesn't see much point in another Top 10 issue without me, so I'm hoping to finish the story some day so it can be collected. That's the news! Back to inking my House of Mystery short.


Blogger Ivan Costa said...

As a hardcore fan of your work :), this post was a emotional rollercoster: sad to know about status of the Back Roads projects (Wildcats feeling here...); happy we'll see more of your great DC covers; excited to know about the House of Mystery, Mouse Guard, and Rocketter stories; hopeful about Top Ten; and thrilled about the iconic DC character gig.
Glad we'll be pleased with more of your amazing work soon, Gene!

4:10 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

I only discovered your work through Top Ten, and have become a big fan. I would love to see Top Ten Season 2 finally be completed, as Zander's script and your art really made for a great piece of work. And I am still dying to know what happened in the story!

1:00 PM  

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